Student Bee: Returning to university while in full time employment 

I’m back to school. After a year’s hiatus I rejoin the academia. Last time I did the course I undertook the work full time; that was hard. This time I’m going part-time. Looking at my calendar this semester I wonder how I ever managed it. 

My modules this semester are Leadership and Policy Analysis. I don’t have many anxieties about the modules; I did really well in my first year. My target is high distinction. After averaging 77% last year I think this is quite achievable.

I always feel I get a lot out of uni work, partly the reason I did the new degree. My mind works faster, probably because I’m reading more, and my thinking becomes much more focused.

I’m looking forward to this year, where I hope to cement a decent set of grades, and start to consider options for Ph.D. Only a disaster will lead to me getting less than distinction (well, that or cocky overconfidence), and I reckon I can set that bar higher.