Which shirt shall I choose?

Which shirt shall I choose? That’s easy – black…to match my soul…

Ahem! The more pressing question today is, what short story shall I work on tonight?

It’s Writer’s Club (the first rule of Writer’s Club is, you do not write about Writer’s Club…I am a rule breaker). 

Shall I start again? The shirt thing was a ruse, a segway into a wider topic. So, tonight is Writer’s Forum (I just call it Writer’s Club for fun). We just sit and write. No doubt we look a little odd to onlookers. People come with different projects to work on, or sometimes not, winging it as they go. Some faces stay the same, others come and go. Sometimes people come once and we never see them again, often, I think, because they realise that it isn’t a group where we talk about writing, we actually do it. For many faux aspiring writers nothing is scarier than the idea of actually writing something.

Getting back on track, we write. We have a 5 minute warm up – sit ups, press ups, running on the spot, that sort of thing…not really (chortle). We write for five minutes on a random topic. This works. It helps develop creativity (which I think works well under pressure), and gets us into the habit of writing.

The rest of the writing is undertaken in 25 minute chunks of work, taking a break, and then another 25 minutes, and so on.

I can manage a fair whack in an evening.

Tonight though, I need to pick a story to work on. After weeks writing my novel I would like to take a step back and move onto something else. One of my disappointments last year was the long series of unfinished stories. That has to change. 

The stories on selection are:

The Red Door – fantasy genre – a story about a group of strangers who are forced, one by one, through a mysterious red door and return dead with horrific injuries of battle.

The Little Guy – abstract drama? – s story about a couple that find a small man living in their post box. As he starts to grow larger his importance grows, while the husband of the couple diminishes in stature and relevance.

The Darken Path – fantasy horror – a woman flees a mob into a haunted forest but it transpires she is being drawn towards a dark and malevolent spirit.

I’ll no doubt make up my mind by the time I get there, and I might have a couple more options as well. Tomorrow’s blog, I’ll let you know how I go.


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