Project Planning

You know that saying ‘fingers in lots of pies’, I always think ‘just how big are your hands?’…and ‘I’m not eating one of your pies.’

Well, my fingers need to spread pretty far at the moment (gross).

Shall I start again? I feel grossed out and I’M the blogger.

Projects. I’ve been planning projects. It turns out I have a host of them. In addition to editing my book, I have another book to write. I need to reorganise my photography website AND develop and implement a plan for regular promotion of my work. I’ve got AARGH number of short stories to finish, plus other writing projects etc. There’s painting, which I really want to develop this year. Plus there’s other writing projects. Oh and university, I have university.

I’m also moving house, because nothing promotes effective project work like packing all your belongings into boxes and moving them somewhere just to unpack them again.

I know what you’re thinking – ‘he’s insane, crazy, Donald Trump x10.’

Well it’s possible, but anyone’s welcome to my house so there is that difference.

Yes, it sounds like a lot, but I have managed to develop a pattern of working thanks to my book writing, so I think I’m in s good position to adapt. Realistic goals are needed, taking account of time and personal events (like holiday, which I realise will need some serious early preparation- road trip!). So that’s the work ahead this week, breaking it all down into manageable chunks.

Bring me your pies!


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