The Null Zone

Just not feeling it today. A dull malaise. Probably comes from no blog yesterday. I think I overstretched and in the process couldn’t complete the blog.

So, yesterday. I thought of a post about fake news, but wanted to convert it to the office environment about dealing with rumours and gossip (particularly malicious). Instead it has turned into some of epic blog post, and fatigue overtook me before I even finished it. Now it remains unfinished, and I haven’t the will to finish it. Unfortunately, I need to finish it, so this evenings’ journey home is likely to be my means of wrapping that one up. Two blogs for the price of one.

I shouldn’t be so unmotivated. Really shouldn’t. Maybe it’s just nothing – aspiration for the better of me and I’ll finish it tonight. Let’s hope.

I had considered this morning’s post to be about motivation, particularly self-motivation, but I don’t wonder if it sounds a bit cliche. Nonetheless, I think I’ll give it a shot, but it’ll be quick because I’m. Not that far off my final station.

1. Set realistic goals, not ideal ones. At least, not at first. Want to climb Everest, but feel sore after walking the street and back? Perhaps establish a longer term plan. Me, I am trying to get some semblance of fitness. I go swimming 3 times a week. It was 5, but by day 3 I’d be knackered and virtually unable to move by the end of the week. Supplementary exercise (like walking the dog) went out the window (not the dog, just the exercise). So I was rarely managing more than a few swims a week and very little else. Now, at 3 times a week, I can manage that capably, and other exercise on top. Notice how having a realistic goal delivers the same amount of swimming as the unrealistic, but gives far more flexibility for other exercises? Less is more.

2. Pick the best time for you and make it work. I used to go running at lunch. It worked, for a few months, but then two things happened. One, my feet got incredibly sore after running, and my legs, making it difficult to sustain the exercise – hence the swimming. The other was summer. Too hot to run. So I changed time to before work. This too is the other reason for swimming – time. It was far too much time in the morning to sort the running, whereas the swimming is more flexible for me. Ultimate it’s about finding the right moment of the day for you and making the time.

3. Find things to do while exercising. Bit difficult in the pool to listen to music, but I preoccupy myself with mini targets of numbers of lengths. For other exercises I use YouTube or iTunes to keep me occupied. It also helps me have an artificial time set to complete everything.

So that’s it. Amateur exercise tips. Of course, I have yet to succeed in the long term, but I will persevere.


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