Shaking off cobwebs

I think I have finally recovered from my holiday. Sleeping is back to normal, regular pattern of work restored. I’m back to blogging.

Before I left for my hols, I had aspirations of completing my novel (first draft). I’m still short the ending, and wouldn’t feel sound retreading the earlier sections without completing the story. I have some benefit of knowing how it will end, at least at this stage in a manner that makes sense with the plot. 

I had high hopes to get this out of the way to free up time for other projects, complete short stories, maybe some professional articles as well. There are some personal priorities coming up – university resuming, probably moving house – that will inevitably draw my attention away. So I really need to bring things to a close. 

I don’t anticipate any NaNoWriMo acts of writing heroism this time. 500 words a day or so should do it. I just need to make sure that gets slotted into my routine, and then I can move onto other things and get a little distance from the novel before starting on the rewrite.

On the face of it this might look a little burdensome, but the truth is it’s a commitment I made to myself last year and it’s ongoing. I’m looking forward to doing all this stuff. The enthusiasm makes it less daunting. Up and at ’em I say!


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