Up and at ’em

It’s a lovely morning. The Sun is out, blue sky, and there’s a lovely breeze. It’s got to the point where winter clothes start to decline. For the first time in months I’m not wearing a coat (I say coat, it’s more of a hoodie). It’s brisk, but after a little walking I warm up pretty quick.

So the seasons change. I don’t know what it is about Aussie winters, but they seem to last a long time. Longer than I recall in the UK. Must be a perception thing. Aussie winters are no where near as cold as UK ones can get, bar a few places over east.

Today is a good day. At least, I’m starting off on the right foot. Some days it can be an effort to get out of bed, and it’s not a sleepy lazy kind of thing where I want a lie in. It’s a force myself out of bed and to work kind of effort. Normally, once I get the coffee and breakfast in me, and a bit of a walk the effect passes. Some days though, it could be weather like today and I wouldn’t notice. It would just be a cloud of grey on my mind.

I find if I get rest over the weekend my starts much better. This doesn’t mean doing nothing, but it does mean spending more time resting than working. A couple of weeks ago I got a little carried away with some household cleaning. The result was come Monday I was shattered. I didn’t have time to recover because my line of work is pretty draining. It was a difficult week.

So this morning I’m feeling quite refreshed. Ready for work. This evening I’ve got writers club, on a different day, so I’m keen to see how earlier day helps with the writing. I can’t guarantee work will keep the spirit of a good day, but I’m as prepped as I think I can be.


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