Warm sticky goo phase

After feeling much improved yesterday I hit an uncomfortable reminder that saying something don’t make it so. I should have worked that out before, but unfortunately a case of post hoc ergo propter hoc – after this therefore because of this. Let me explain.

For the past few weeks I have been under the weather, courtesy of a cold (possibly two on quick succession) that has taken a while to shift. Even now, four weeks on, my throat is feeling a bit flemmy. Despite my best efforts and wishes this has an impact on functioning, as I became mired in mucus, both literally and figuratively. I even took time off work, which I almost never do.

In addition to my general working, my writing has also taken a knock. I had assumed that this was due to the cold, and as my energy returned so too would my creativity. Alas, this is not the case. 

My intent was to embark on a new writing project – a novel in fact – and though a little ambitious my aim is try and come out with a draft of at least one, maybe two if I can keep up the NaNoWriMo in November. I have an idea, and semblance of plot and story, but recently getting th subject matter off the ground has been hard. I’ve barely managed a few hundred words in an evening, which is very poor.

Admittedly, just getting something written is a step in the right direction (300 words a day for 100 days is 30k words – half a book almost). I am making progress, even if slow going. I guess my wider problem is that it’s too slow, and is stemming from a difficulty formulating the story. 

My approach had been to have a rough idea and go from scene to scene and casually find my way through a narrative. I could have opted for a more detailed plan, but I was wary of this becoming a structured way of procrastination. So my preference was something more off the cuff.

Truth is, it’s not working. I’m a little mired in the first section, and perhaps I need to break free from that into something else. In addition, though not a sizeable plan, I need to prep each day with some notes of what I plan to write. I can probably do 2000 a day (2x 25minute sessions) if I know ahead of time what I intend to write about. Maybe more on a weekend day. So this is the approach I intend to try. With luck the productive writing habit will follow from there.


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