Sensible duvet matter

School kids are back. All the seating is taken up. Welcome back kids.

I wasn’t sure if a theme this morning. Back in my Tumblr days (sounds a long time ago – just a few months to be honest) I just wrote about things I saw out and about. Nowadays, I feel like I need to have sensible duvet (that was meant to be ‘subject’, not duvet, but since I’m a fan of humorous autocorrects, I’m leaving duvet in there) matter for serious consideration. Should I be looking to such solemn subject matter, compared to more frivolous nonsense? I reckon I’ll stick to the serious, because I am my least funny when I try to be. When my humour is more organic to the situation I get the impression I get more laughs.

On the other hand, is really possible to be serious in a world of Brexit, Pauline Hanson (for fucks sake Queensland), Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn, the RNC allowing members to openly wear guns after a series of mass shootings in the US.

This things make life difficult to take seriously. And so somehow I’m left with trucks driving into large crowds, axe wielding people in trains, and my day job in child protection.

Thank god for writing and photography is all I can say. When I was younger I used to deal with this differently – Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye on multiplayer with my friends…and arguably the Adelphi pub in Preston. Those were the days. Pokemon people are much easier to understand in that context. You go find those Pokemon, because the world is a little too fucked up to do otherwise.

This has all turned very morose. It shouldn’t be. My life is good. While I know many others are not having a good life or even a good day, I guess me having a good day is a good place to start. It has a knock on effect – a team mirrors its leader. More impervious or resistant to stress or tension (at least, that’s the plan).

Like getting on the bus this morning. Some people would bemoan the lack of seating, but for me it represented the return of the familiar. It was comforting to have social order restored. If I were in a different mood I imagine the scenario would be very different (‘fucking kids everywhere!’).

Well, time to wrap up again. Back in Freo. Might try to write a little before work.


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