Published at last, so what’s next?

Finally got published, with a short article about agile decision making (or scrums, as they are called – the article is here p22).

As pleasing as it is, a couple of things strike me. One, in typically reflective practice style, is considering all the things wrong with the article. A few words are repeated a little too often (at one point I honestly thought I wrote the same sentence twice). 

The second is, what next? My particular writing interest is fiction writing, but maybe I need to supplement that experience with non-fiction subject matter. Get myself in a grove. Mansplain under the guise of professional guidance and advice (I’m joking in a way, but it is a source of anxiety for me that I often sound like I’m mansplaining, particularly as I work with so many female colleagues).

I can identify a few avenues of professional writing, and subject matter, but I need to make sure I stay motivated to keep going. One article becomes two, two becomes four etc.

It all seems so complicated. It’s not just the writing. It’s about self promotion, getting out there on social media, building networks. I’d rather have a glass of wine. It seems so tiring.

And what’s my angle? Everything looks the same, but everyone talks about having a particular angle. Is the quirky angle a myth? Is everyone successful really more mundane? I think I’m looking at this through the wrong prism.

I’ll have to chew it over. In the short term, I’ll just take pleasure in the article and think about the next one.


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