I have a job application I’m completing, for a position a bit above my pay grade. It’s a far more senior role, and I reckon my chances of getting it are somewhere between nought and zero.

It’s one of those lists where micro level interactions and case practice have little benefit. I am stepping out into a world of strategic thinking, operational plans, and business units. I even had to check exactly what strategic thinking actually means.

I think I find the most difficult part of this role is the fact that I don’t naturally think in those terms. I know I am a strategic thinker, but I don’t specifically think to myself each day ‘what is the strategy?’

Achieves results, communicates effectively, builds productive relationships. That’s getting married and having a baby isn’t it?

Even giving examples is fraught with difficulty. I could use STAR – situation, task, actions, results – but I feel like I’m overblowing it.

Situation – everything was fucked up

Task – stop the fuckedupness 

Action – held a team meeting and listened to everyone’s opinions and produced a new set of goals and targets for the team

Result – we were fucking awesome

All my star answers are broadly along those lines. 

What I’ve had to do is be a little more pragmatic about what I’ve done and apply the heady job description titles after the fact. I am pretty confident I have done stuff, achieved results and there was some kind of plan. It’s like translation into a new language.

I’m sure I’ll sort something out.

In Freo already.


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