Chasing the sunrise

Early morning, but growing noticeably brighter. The faint reflection of sunlight on the bottom, little flecks of red on grey, turned into a vast curtain of orange and gold. I was stuck in the bus, making to do with occasional glances but never quite managing to capture that glory. The best I could was along the lines of the photo I have attached to this blog. 

These type of photos will never be my best, but they serve a purpose beyond artistic representation. I just want a memory of it, recorded somewhere. I enjoyed the chase for the photo.

As it happens, sunrises, and sunsets, are the subject of my current literary project. That’s proving to be something of a false start though, so I need to push myself to get on with it. Procrastination can become debilitating if I’m not careful.

I put some of that down to not having read anything in the last couple of weeks. I need to crack on with that as well. It’s actual nourishment and I can tell the difference between periods of reading and non reading. I’ve got a few Hemingway tucked on my Kindle. I’ll dig into one of those.

The drive to Freo seems unusually slow today. I had what felt like a long daydream earlier (a new story idea). Yet the journey doesn’t seem to have progressed very far.

Am I really writing about anything today? Seems a little wayward. Maybe it’s first week back from holiday symptoms. I’m not sure I believe in that axiom. Back from holiday, need another holiday. Nonsense.

Just saw a poster for a school. It has the face of a child on it with words ‘I am 11. I used to be afraid of making mistakes.’ There is a sub caption that reads ‘Prepating boys for life.’

I still am afraid of making mistakes. That feeling shouldn’t go away. I work in child protection, so making a mistake can have catastrophic consequences. That is not the same as not acknowledging that mistakes can and do happen. I’ve seen a whole branch of thinking about embracing fallibility as a way of improving work performance.

So I’m not sure that preparing kids not to be afraid of mistakes is the right way to go. I mean, I understand what the poster is trying to say, but the wording strikes me as being simplistic. Maybe I’m reading too much into the advert.

Freo docks. Playtime’s over.


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