What the fuck is going on?

I feel like there is a distortion in the fabric of space time. This is the effect watching re-runs of Stat Trek TNG does to me.

I slipped on a nut like thing last night while walking the dog in the dark. Twisted my ankle a little but seem to have recovered.

Late for the bus this morning. No dramas though. Prepped in mind for this, all ready to get the later bus and still be on time for the bus to Freo.

Get off at the wrong stop. In a fit of embarrassment I don’t tell the driver, I just get off the bus.

I don’t know where I am. I get lost roaming the streets of Como. I finally reach Canning Station. Quick assimilation of bus time table information compels me to take the train.

In Perth Station I see an advert featuring Christopher Walken walking down the road. I don’t know what Qantas Assure sell but I want it.

I get on the train to Freo, where I am typing feverishly.

There is a guy on the train watching/listening to something on his mobile phone. He is singing – I am presuming in a foreign language. He is wearing a Docker’s t-shirt (signed) and carrying a Docker’s flag (I don’t know any footie jokes to make here – I realise this is a social faux pas, sorry). It reminds fa me of a scene on Golden Child, where Eddie Murphy puts on headphones on an airplane and begins to imitate the music he is hearing (some kind of Nepalese/Indian mix I think). It looks funny in film. But if that was real life, I think everyone would wonder he is doing. So it is here. 

So, summarising, I blame tripping on a nut last night for causing a rift in the space-time continuum.

He’s still singing. And now he’s waving his flag. Are the Docker’s playing?

This whole weirdness has thrown my day out of sync. I had hoped to write a portion of a novel this morning (aiming for 1000 words a day). Now I’m late so will have to go straight to work. 

‘But what about lunch break?’ I hear you ask. 

(Still singing and now singing into the flag like it’s a microphone. This guy is dedicated). 

I have an exercise regimen for lunch so can’t do that. Will have to find spare 5 minutes here and there to write something quickly. Never know, might be more productive.

Coming into Freo. So soon? Sure that guy was just getting into his A-Side. Damn.


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