Leave, Remain

I saw a guy on the bus – he had Union Jack socks on. It’s a sign!

It really isn’t.

A real sign is a multitude of experts telling you the same thing. It’s a strange mentality to accept a given – experts are people and therefore can and do get it wrong – and apply that as an absolute rule – experts can be wrong therefore all experts are wrong all the time.

Like climate change.

Like Ellie Butler.

So it goes…

There has been a perverse celebration of ignorance in Britain, and that isn’t a recent phenomonen.

I remember the film American History X, where Danny is ruminating on the root course of his brother’s racism. He thinks back to a moment when their father casually discounts a teacher’s methods on the basis of the teacher’s skin colour. It’s a saddening moment of realisation for Danny – ‘it starts at home’.

For the UK, history means a great deal. Magna Carta gets cited a lot. I doubt most people really understand its significance. British Empire – invasion of other countries. In Australia, Stolen Generation happened under the auspices of the Crown. British soldiers shooting peaceful protesters in India. There’s even a monument in my home city of Preston, dedicated to striking workers shot dead by the army. Victorian society charged forward with scientific advancement, making so many arrogant and ignorant assumptions about the world as to make such advances almost a Pyrrhic victory. So if I look back to Britain’s own casual and rationalised racism, I feel it has yet to meet the realities and ephiphany that young Danny reached.

Poison starts at home.

If the underlying principle is flawed, what chance for anything else? 

Sat at a distance, 16000km away, I have fluctuated between outrage and impassioned belief about the referendum. Most of the time though, I have sat with increasingly sad disinterest. It’s been an unwholesome campaign, and justified every prejudice I held about you Great Britain.

Politicians do bear a great weight for what has occurred in this campaign, but you know what? They are just pandering to what they think Britain will respond to. They do this, because people have more often than not acted in that same way.

Sick of politicians lying to you? Don’t encourage them with expectations that can’t possibly be met.

Sick of politicians not listening? Speak some sense and understand you may be ignorant of the issue on which you speak.

Tired of the establishment? Don’t vote for it then. Don’t celebrate the purest of pure establishment – unelected monarchy – while at the same time deriding democratic standards – like the European Parliament.

Sick of immigration? Stop endorsing foreign policy that exploits poorer nations, forcing millions of people to seek work in wealthier ones (like the UK).

Stop cultivating your own ignorance Britain!

Poison starts at home.

Leave is poison. This whole rhetoric is poison.

A woman died because of this fucked up referendum. Have you still not cottoned on how much, as a nation, you are responsible for that poison?

I am not going to suggest how anyone should vote, but I am suggesting how you might want to think. 

Rationally, sensibly, and humanely. 
Stop poisoning yourself.


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