I want to be a sell out

I have this dream of working in a flashy office with a great view. The kind top executives and business types like to work, with brilliant views across the city scape. Very monetarist.

I work in crappy offices. I know, I’m a Social  Worker. I should expect this. But why? My last job had a window. It looked out onto the driver way and a fence. My current office has no window. Utilitarian. Grim. Prosaic. Bleak.
Office builds need a rethink. Imagine you work in a highly stressful profession. And imagine you only go out for traumatic situations. Then imagine when you’re finished you go back into a box. That is actually my life – I work in a box. I can flourish all the nice photos I like, but they are simply wall dressing. It doesn’t relax me.

At my last office, I worked in a town in the woods.The office was a converted business (I think it used to be a vets). Could they not have found a location of equal value in a more relaxed setting, such as more in the country. It would necessarily be poor access for families – it’s country so it’s a norm. 

I live and work in metro now. Is the best location really a grim, dull office block in a main street. We’re by the coast, but can’t see it. Like being in the forest, but can’t see it.

Pressurised work environments need therapeutic locations. Look out the window to a forest, or the sea. Calming.

I know the cynical view. Too difficult. It’s about access. People expect accountability – people should be working not enjoying the view. Blah blah blah.

No. I reject this. 

We should enjoy the workplace. Let it be a place of sanctuary. It should be therapeutic.

That’s why I want the relaxing office environment. That’s why I want the city view. The forest view. The sea view. I need to recover, refresh, replenish.

Sometimes I get home so tired I just want to flake out on the couch. I’m grateful I have a partner with a dog, and a discipline to walk her every day. I’m still tired, but I’m refreshed. I’m lucky we live by a river. Even at night it’s calming respite.

Entering Freo. About to crawl into my box. Maybe I exaggerate. It’s a good office to work. Vibrant staff. I like the journey (this blog is it’s own form of therapy). I like the work. I’m getting therapy somewhere it seems.


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