Foot’s on the other hand now, isn’t it Kramer?

I write this in the midst of a faux raging fury. Somehow, between leaving my house and getting to the bus stop, I enter a time warp where I miss my bus AGAIN!? Maybe the lack of an early morning coffee has not helped. Indeed, I suspect it to be the culprit. Coffee is the source of all time displacement. I blame the coffee. How can I, you ask, when I was the one that made an active choice not to have a coffee? Easy. I will apply sentience to the coffee. The coffee knows what it’s doing. The coffee made me do it. When I drink coffee, I drink people. 

…I think I need some coffee.

Feedback arrives for my stories. I’m through the looking glass. After  a couple of years giving out devastating lines of feedback for written assessments, now I am on the receiving end. The master has become the apprentice!
Once I get over my slightly irked feeling of actually getting feedback – I wrote the story like that? Really? Me? What was I thinking? – I learn to embrace. Like a literary massage – it feels like it’s tearing the muscles off, but you know in reality it is simply reordering them to make you feel better later. That’s feedback, and it feels good.

No school kids today. Have I caught an extra early bus? Has school ended? Now there are only adults, who know better than to inanely yabber. On the other hand, maybe the kids have something to say. Maybe I’m on the bus with the most boring adults in Perth.

As I write that, a school kid gets on the bus. Now I am more confused; where are all the other kids? 

An older lady has boarded the bus and pulled out A Feast of Crows (Game of Thrones for the uninitiated). Rape, murder, and isn’t that the one where Theon Greyjoy gets his nob cut off? I really don’t know where the books and TV diverge. Oh well, either way, have fun with that one grandma.

More school kids board. Inane conversation floods the bus. Now I feel guilty for whining about boring adults. I miss the quiet!

The narrative of my blog has broken down a bit, can you tell? Good timing perhaps, as we trundle into Freo. 

It is cold. Really sharp cold.

I’m going to drink people (coffee).


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