The mongoose was sleeping around

All things return to their normal state. The snake no longer lies with the mongoose. The cat and the dog sever their shared tenancy agreement. I catch the bus on time. Natural order is restored. A sense of calmness descends. 

But fuck me it’s busy on the bus this morning. 

But yeah, sense of calmness. Even the loss of the top of my coffee cup is not enough to cut the cords between sanity and consciousness. I will buy a new coffee cup. There; simple, ordered, structured. 

Sometimes my life is like a reverse Kinder egg. The crappy toy fused to the plastic orange casing, within which lies the melted crushed remnants of crappy chocolate that someone has crushed with their bare sweaty hand.

Mostly, I am glad to say, my life is better even than a normal Kinder egg – it’s more like decent chocolate with a copy of the Catan board game inside the orange ovoid (yep, big fucking egg).

With the general chaos of missed buses yesterday I managed only a few sections of my book, so today is catch up. 

A Mazda just drove by with the number plate ‘Mazda’, and promptly turned into the Mazda dealer. The end.

We just stopped at a bus stop and a guy was caught in the middle of the road frantically signalling for the bus to stop. I thought the traffic wasn’t going to give him a break but he was lucky and got across. He has the same headphones as me only red.

I got feedback on a short story today, for which I am very grateful. I’ve usually disliked feedback of any kind because I don’t like being fallible. Since embracing critical practice I’ve become more enthusiastic about accepting errors. Feedback used to be painful. It still is now, but confers a kind of BDSM emotional response.

I may need to reexamine my relationship with feedback, because I just inferred a sexualised connection.

Anyway, feedback is vital. It’s like my story was covered with a thin veil and it’s now been lifted. I get to see the story for what it is – most importantly to an observer – not what I wish it would be.

So some work ahead – indeed, quite literally as we come into Freo. See ya.


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