A question of words

Clear and crisp morning. The sky is almost white in the east, slowly turning from a faint blue to a deeper tinge. It feels clean and refreshing.

I watched a news item this morning, about the murders in Orlando. A couple of journalists were reviewing newspaper headlines. One of the journalist – Owen jones I think (a Guardian journo) – became increasingly angry at the co-journalists apparent inability to call the attack as an attack on the LGBT community. In other words, a hate crime.

Essentially he was right, because the denseness of the other journos arguments focused on the generic ‘it’s an attack on all of us’ etc before embarking on a familiar bout of questioning US gun culture. Owen Jones argument was that if this was an attack on a synagogue then no one would hesitate to talk about antisemitism, but for some reason people were struggling to identify this as a hate crime for the same reasons. Owen Jones walked off set when the (Sky) host tried to use a quote from Stonewall. I imagine the clunky attempt at misdirection (presumably a misguided attempt to appease Mr Jones) was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

It was a hate crime and it was a hate crime directed at the LGBT community. It is difficult to sustain the idea that the gunman picked the club at random, and if it was not at random it was directly aimed at a particular grouping of people. Whatever people’s thoughts and feelings about terrorism per se, call this what it was – a hate crime against LGBT people.

I wish I could write more but I missed my bus and now have to take the train to get to work anything like on time. I’ll need the journey to continue writing my book (only the 2nd day FFS!) and make some semblance of progress to my daily total.


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