And I wanted a perm too

It’s a new day, a new dawn. Fresh beginnings. Blank slate. Start from scratch.

Nah, not really. Everything is a continuation, a growth from the past. There’s something irresponsible about trying to separate your current decision making with your past life. I see this a lot at work, as people with lifelong challenges and complex backgrounds seek to reboot their life like that (*click of fingers).

So in that vein, this new blog is just a continuation. New platform, same nonsense. Why WordPress I don’t hear you ask? Well, when I started my blog it was more for my benefit than anything else. A little self reflection, a little observation and a habit of writing each day. A literary form of daily exercise, and it worked.

Of course, there is a slight victim of success-ness here. I originally started on Tumblr, a convenient and slightly quirky blogging platform. However, Tumblr isn’t really set up for lengthy blogs. It’s more about sharing inspirational and/or vacuous quotes, and photos of lakes, mountains and mist. Sometimes with trees.

WordPress, I am told by the holy oracle of Internet advice, is the way forward for blogging. There are other platforms but WordPress apparently has the lead. So here I am, writing the same nonsense but on better quality paper. I’ll keep to Tumblr for other stuff.

Meanwhile, in the real world, I got a haircut at the weekend. I don’t think the hairdresser liked me too much. My virtually falling asleep didn’t help. Not that my (lonely surly) ‘not that much’ response to her friendly hairdresser motif question ‘have been up to much today?’ would have helped her good humour. I first got the sense that I had irked her with some less that gentle manipulations of my head, moved with such vigour I feared an injury. My hair was also cut very short. A bit shorter even than I intended, and looking a little roughshod. My head now looks like a slightly furry giant egg.

I took part in an international art performance event at the weekend. There is an arts festival on in London, and one of the performances included a type of tour by Internet. Someone in London would trace a route, and I the same in Perth. Although centred around sunrise and sunset, time difference did not allow for that in Australia, so instead I trod through Perth CBD at night, videoing various sites and talking about time, light and the end of the universe. Being a virtual tour guide was all good fun.

Entering Fremantle. Alas I need to wrap up, and I had so much more to write about. I have to curtail early because I am undertaking a new writing project – a NaNoWriMo, but in June and July. I’m keeping to bus blog to keep my mind active but otherwise need my spare time. So good morning for now.


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